A digital twin for treatment plants,
backed by engineering science
for better, faster insights

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Designer is engineering design software that automates deliverables and cuts process plant design time by 70%.
Prophet is the connected digital twin, calibrating deterministic models with machine learning.
Your digital twin platform reducing risk in design and operation.
Optimise Operations

Reduce chemical, power and sludge disposal costs.

Lower Process Risk

Identify potential errors before they happen.

Stay Compliant

Easily forecast water quality ‘red flags’ or exceedances.

Export Data

Easily create Plant Performance Reports.

Designer - collaborative process design, scenario modelling, PLM

Designer is an online, collaborative, user-friendly, comprehensive, affordable and super-fast design and simulation software that is applicable for users of all experience levels across a diverse range of industries, globally. The software provides a means to model and lock in a process design and generate all key process design deliverables in days rather than weeks. “From start to finish Designer cuts the time and cost of concept design by at least 70% and virtually eliminates transcription errors.” For domain experts, Prophet provides an available, up to date, accurate decision support tool to focus on key issues immediately and catch errors before designs are approved and locked in.

Prophet - digital twin, time series forecasting & optimisation

Prophet is the operational and time dependent side of the Designer software. Prophet is seamlessly integrated into pre-existing SCADA systems, and calibrated forecasting is easily achievable through custom configured model flow sheets. Using deterministic modelling with machine learning, the digital twin can be calibrated to the real plant and improved over time. Prophet is for operators of existing treatment plants and the process consultants supporting these operations.