EVS Water Plant Designer is a unique and comprehensive solution for the design and improvement of biological, industrial, water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

EVS Water Plant Optimiser is an innovative cloud-based solution, combining artificial intelligence and modelling technology to predict and avoid water quality incidents, while identifying process improvements and cost savings for your facility in real-time.

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Design plants more efficiently
Reduce energy and dosing costs
Avoid environment incidents
As of 01:25:20 today, there have been:
8030 water treatment plants
71376 model results
created by designers!
Plant Designer
  • Industrial and biological treatment processes built into the same platform.
  • Automatic calibration and validation tools.
  • Integrated material balance, equipment sizing, stream properties and speciation modelling.
  • Automatic generation of engineering deliverables.
Plant Optimiser
  • Identify operational improvements in real-time
  • Provide daily advice on plant settings
  • Predict incidents before they occur and recommend appropriate changes
  • Define your operating and financial targets and track progress in real-time
  • Historical and forecast plant performance for all key variables.
  • Recommended set points for the next 24 hours based on machine learning and deterministic modelling.
  • Optimum settings to achieve design goals.
  • Forecast deviations from operational and environmental goals.

Intuitive plant design and digital twin configuration.

Drag, drop and connect unit operations on a flowsheet, then configure each unit operation to tailor your concept design or begin with typical defaults preloaded into each operation. Configured plants can be matched with any user scenario & shared with other users in your organisation.

Create block flow diagrams
Model Scenarios and Feed Streams.

Model Scenarios and Feed Streams.

Create feed scenarios with up to 5 feed streams for use in any of your configured plants. Each stream can be manually entered or your water analysis can be intelligently uploaded directly from a CSV file and balanced by the ion of your choice.


Plant Designer cuts down our bid cycle time by helping us lock in a design earlier. We now issue our vendor requests sooner, increasing the margin on our design phase and reducing delivery times.


Unique automatic calibration function, simultaneously evaluating thousands of configuration scenarios to provide the most accurate calibrated model configuration for the target design.

Identify ongoing operational savings of greater than 20% within weeks of implementation

Reduce design times by up to 70%

What are some of the powerful Features of EVS Water?

EVS Water has been created to simplify the design experience on water applications, for users with varying levels of expertise.

Developed by Engineers

Competitively priced and developed by engineers with extensive experience in the water sector.

User Friendly

Drag & drop flow sheeting with predefined unit operations and the ability to model multiple feed streams.

Cost Effective

Competitively priced monthly or annual subscriptions.


Integrated material balance, equipment sizing, stream properties and speciation modelling in a single package.


Choose to share designs, feed scenarios and model results with company colleagues. Ideal during bid cycle design.

Industrial and Biological Treatment

A unique package of best practice models for industrial, water and wastewater treatment that integrates the design and real-time optimisation of water facilities.

Who uses EVS Water?

EVS Water products are designed to improve the efficiency of a variety of water industry professionals.

Academics and Students

With the help of the User Guide, instructional videos and pre-configured reference plants, experiment with different scenarios to teach and learn water design for all types of treatment processes.


Compare concept designs more easily against a range of feed conditions. Plant Designer will allow you to explore alternatives and provide better recommendations to your customers.


Understand the impact of your design from a speciation chemistry perspective. Anticipate scaling and tailor your designs to improve plant life and availability.


Model changing feed water quality and forecast operational adjustments ahead of time to reduce costs and avoid environmental incidents. Trial new technologies or project improvements for plant optimisation.

Plans and Pricing - Plant Designer

Pricing plans for EVS Water Designer come with all features enabled automatically. More capabilities and flexibility at a lower price.

Designer Subscription
  • Fully featured
  • Suspend plan anytime
  • Loyalty discounts apply
Company Subscription
  • Fully featured, collaborative
  • Easily add additional users
  • Multi-user discounts apply